1 Website, 12 Nerf Guns, 24 Hours

October 10, 2014

Last week marked our 6th annual 24 Hour Web Project! This year's partner, Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC), helped make the event a stellar success and our team was super pumped to work with an organization that is able to make such a strong impact across Indianapolis.

While this was our 6th year in action, we did have a couple of firsts for the event...

1. Thanks to Sarah's mad skills, hand drawn work was incorporated throughout the site:


2. Not a single stock photo was used! When working with an organization based in your community and focused on neighborhoods in your community - there is aboslutely no need to rely on stock photos. In addition to gathering photos from our friends and followers (thank you to those who contributed!), our photo team hit the streets to arm INRC with an arsenal of photos that they could use down the road. Check out some of the shots they captured:

3. Jordan brought in his Oculus Rift and oh my that was fun! Around the 11 o'clock hour, many of us jumped up after hearing what we thought was someone being attacked on the streets. Nope - it was INRC team meber Val enjoying a little roller coaster ride.


Fun with the Oculus Rift - just one highlight from last week's #24HWP.

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4. Jenny (that's me!) served as project manager for the first time. Usually a strategist, I put on my organization hat and tried to keep all wheels moving through the night.

5. Our fundraising team raised more money than previous years. Kasey & Anne-Marie get an extra shout-out here as they both committed to wearing the monkey masks whenever a donation rolled in. Thank you to those who gave!

6. INRC brought their content game! When we asked their team to knock out their content before the event, they stepped up to the challenge and came prepared. We had a few tweaks to make and new pages to write throughout the night but they deserve a big cheers for working so hard to get us off to a great start.


7. Jeb cooked up some bacon-wrapped deliciousness at midnight. The man is known to grill up a snack but I think the consensus was that this year's took it to the next level.


8. First dumpster dive - Jason snuck out for a bit to take a nap in his car, ended up cleaning out his car (why not?), and threw his keys away with the trash. Oops! I guess that is what sleep deprivation does to you...

9. Speaking of sleep deprivation - this year, we asked team members to write midnight haikus. I'm sure you can guess what most people wrote about.

10. The project ended in cheers and an all-out Nerf war! This begs the question - why have we not had these the past 5 years?!

THANK YOU INRC for a fantastic event!

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