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October 01, 2010

24 Hour Web Project- Madame Walker Theatre

October 01, 2010

We just finished our second 24 Hour Web Project. Last year we did www.secondhelpings.org, this year we knocked out a brand new Website for Madame Walker Theatre in 24 hours!


You can see some of the play by play action by visiting our site for these projects- www.24hourwebproject.com

This year our team consisted of Lydia Whitehead (design/programming), Jack Shepler (programming), Leigh Marino (messaging, layout, design), Justin Shimp (content, digital handyman), Ben Jehring (SEO) and Jeb Banner (I mostly just yelled "go team"!). Lydia, Leigh, Jack, Justin and Mali (from the Walker Theatre) all worked through the night and were up for the full 24 hours. Ben and I went home and got some sleep. We felt well rested and very guilty when we came back the next morning.

I'm so proud of our team and I think the Website looks amazing! We will be accepting applications soon for our 2011. But first we need to rest up!

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