A Case for the Indy-Blues

February 27, 2013

For ages, the average person thought of Indianapolis as India-NO-PLACE—a.k.a. the home of John (Cougar) Mellencamp, the capital of IndyCar/Open-Wheel Racing, and at various times: 'Reggie's house", "Peyton's Place", and more recently "The House of Luck."

But WHAT IF you're not a sports fan? NOT a race fan? What IF you're an artist, musician, writer, activist, etc? What does Indianapolis mean to you? Again, for as long as I could remember the answer was "not much," (after all, it's the reason I moved away to London, then NYC, as soon as I could.)

But now? This city is a-changing... in a GOOD way! And I, for one, am THRILLED to be living here and to call Indianapolis HOME.

Over the last few years something truly amazing has happened to Indy. Like daffodils at the first sign of spring, there's been a surge of creative, interesting, one-of-a-kind things to do springing up around town. Perhaps it's the influence of hosting the Super Bowl last year (remember the rise of Branson?), but it's amazing to see the voluminous amounts of terrific restaurants, green-spaces, bike paths, breweries, PUP stops, and other local amenities that have 'sprung up' over the past couple of years.

Let me put it this way, I used to be embarassed of being from Indy... but these days are over. I am proud to be 'creative-type' living in Indy — proud to be a Hoosier!

How proud? Let's just say my band, Swig, has been toying with the idea of re-naming our self-identified genre from what we (today) call the "Indie-Blues" to a more "official" title... the "Indy-Blues"... yup... Indy is THAT kind of awesome!

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