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August 05, 2015

A Week of Discovery! Factory Week: Summer Edition, 2015

August 05, 2015

Factory Week rolls around twice a year and we are just a few days away from our latest edition that we've dubbed, "The Week of Discovery!" Of course, this could be said of every edition because we always turn our focus on SmallBox and take a hiatus from working on client projects BUT this time it really is different, I promise! 

We've finally figured out that less is more and have stayed true to our less-than-35 projects rule (just checkout our previous editions to see how ambitious we were!) while honing in on five key areas (teams): Space, Clients, Technology, Discovery, and Future. Also a little different this year, these five teams have goals that are hopefully complete-able within the week timeframe. Usually, we have a lot of overflow into the following weeks and months that can create some scheduling headaches when trying to work in between client deadlines. 

Here are some goals for each team:

Space: Upgrades to our Lower Collaboratorium, our main client space and an overall building design research project with DORIS
Clients: Improving our client onboarding process and upgrades to our Digital Leave Behind.
Technology: Updates to our website's CMS and designing & developing an iOS app.
Discovery: Turning our microscope inward and doing a little Discovery on our own website.
Future: Again, looking inward and updating our strategic plan.

A lot of planning and discussion happens before Factory Week comes to life. We met and whittled down these teams and I think we are all excited about the smaller scope we've developed and feel good about reaching all of the goals we set. 

In addition to feeling good about our goals, we are eager to set up shop in a new location, Butler University! Many locations were scouted and Butler was the clear winner. They have a beautiful campus, whiteboards galore, and a lot of space to spread out. I hope it doesn't rain! I for one am looking forward to sitting under a tree and working away, just like I did when I was in college. 

So, there you go. A little peek into Factory Week: Summer Edition, 2015. Want to follow our progress during the week? Visit us at: www.factoryweek.com/blog/category/summer-2015

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