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December 11, 2012

2012: A Brief Infographic Retrospect

December 11, 2012

2012 was a pretty good year for me. I went to Alaska, got a lot done, and learned and grew a lot in work, love, and life. Here are a few scientifically-derived key data points from my life this year:

Time Spent Outside

I love being outside, and while I did find plenty of time to get out this year, this graph clearly shows that it was not enough. Less than 50%? Next year, I think I can do better.

Sitting vs. Not Sitting

2012 was the Year of Studies About How Sitting is Dying. To combat this, I tried to take a lot of standing/walking/stretching breaks and created a makeshift standing desk at home. So I think between sitting and standing, I came out even. Next year, my goal is to sit even less, which will be interesting, given that my craft can require a lot of screen time (get ready for a lot of use, standing desk!).


Eating Good Food Feels Good (Who Knew?)

This year I experimented with 30 days of eating just fruit, vegetables, and what I like to call "thoughtful" meats (humanely raised, organic, local if possible). My diet isn't usually terrible in the first place, but I wanted to see if some modifications would help with my mood and energy levels. And guess what? It did. This year I feel like I more fully learned what seems like simple logic, but isn't always simple practice: eating good foods makes me feel good.


The Sweet Spot

This graphic is based on my 2012 experience, but is also aspirational for 2013. I've found that when I can linger in the balance of Things I Love to Do, People I Love to See, and Ways I Love to Relax, I am a Happy Lydia. 2013 will be about getting these circles to overlap as much as possible.

How did your 2012 look, infographically?

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Today’s prompt: Draw a pie chart or Venn diagram of your year, possible activities: eating, drinking, sleeping, working, playing.

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