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February 06, 2013

Anecdotes from Factory Week

February 06, 2013


SmallBoxers at Factory Week

Fresh off of our latest Factory Week, I'm in awe yet again of some of the new things we learned about one another, even after working side by side in our small Broad Ripple office day in and out. There's just something that begins to click when we get out of our normal work patterns.

A few things happened last week that exemplify the why of Factory Week. Consider these anecdotes:

Jon had a bit of a collaboration break through. Having come to SmallBox by way of Musical Family Tree, he worked as he describes as a bit of a lone wolf. While he's increasingly taken on more of an active role at SmallBox, he hasn't been involved in any of our major client projects. Factory Week gave him a better glimpse of the moving parts, how our team works together and his role in it all.

Dormant Skills Uncovered:
Jason works more in the strategy and account management realm, but when we realized the vast amount of photo editing ahead of us, he rolled up his sleeves and jumped in. With a little PhotoShop experience under his belt from days gone by and some tips from Nick, he powerhoused through like he'd been a designer for years. And before this, none of us really knew he could use PhotoShop at all! We actually even conducted a talent audit during Factory Week to uncover more dormant skills (and aspirational ones too!). People are more than their job descriptions.

New Skills Learned:
We recently brought in Rob Peoni as a Musical Family Tree intern. In addition to some content creation and work on MFT, we tasked Rob with a search engine optimization project. This was the first time he'd taken on anything of this sort, and he displayed a natural knack for it. If not for Factory Week, we may not have tested him out on something like this.

This is why we do this - we're always learning new things about each other, new ways to collaborate that ultimately improve our work for client projects. The stakes at Factory Week are high in that we have invested high value company resources into one week, but given that we're working just for us, it's the perfect environment for learning, taking risks and pushing limits.

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