Dawn Sparks
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Jan 15, 2016
by Dawn Sparks
Today's Think Kit prompt got Dawn thinking about what it would be like to be Jeb for a day. Make Believe is fun!
Jan 04, 2016
by Dawn Sparks
Today's Think Kit prompt had Dawn opting for words rather than pictures - inspired by the disruption that came with a coke and a smile.
Oct 20, 2015
by Dawn Sparks
If you’re producing content with the intention of helping prospective customers better understand how you can solve their business problems, conside...
Jul 14, 2015
by Dawn Sparks
Finding time to read is harder than finding a good parking space. Sometimes you just have to stay behind the wheel.
May 12, 2015
by Dawn Sparks
We're doing our part to stamp out RFP Rejection. Starting with this important distinction -- the Partner is more important than the Proposal. Here's h...
Dec 29, 2014
by Dawn Sparks
Technology is supposed to make communication easier -- But this isn't about communication -- it's about conversation, and there's a critical difference.
Dec 22, 2014
by Dawn Sparks
Ahh, the Anti-Prompt! Permission to write about anything...or nothing! It's the 22nd day of ThinkKit and it's time to just stop thinking for a minute,...