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May 07, 2013
by Drew DeBoy
Creating authentic experiences is a calling–where does Indy's path lie?
Apr 05, 2013
by Drew DeBoy
What's playing in the headphones of SmallBox-ers this month? Find out in the latest post in our "We're Listening" series.
Feb 01, 2013
by Drew DeBoy
Factory Week is wrapping up quickly, although the temperature is still running high due to all the last-minute ICAN tweeting. I think some fingers aro...
Jan 31, 2013
by Drew DeBoy
Written content is nearing a wrap, with the focus today on general QA and accumulation, self-verification, and editing of our Team Bios. For this upda...
Jan 30, 2013
by Drew DeBoy
Today has been humming along like a factory: content & copy getting churned out (and I use "churn" in the most creative way possible), bios being ...
Jan 29, 2013
by Drew DeBoy
One of the tasks of the week is to re-work the SmallBox blog into a more useful archive of knowledge. Quite a task, when you consider the 6+ years of ...
Jan 24, 2013
by Drew DeBoy
I have a distinct memory from my childhood that took place on a field trip. (Stay with me here.) As a kid, leaving the school building in the middle o...
Dec 16, 2012
by Drew DeBoy
I don't wanna be that guy, but I love learning. In my mind's eye, I'm constantly walking around in tweed, sucking thoughtfully on a pipe while careful...
Dec 05, 2012
by Drew DeBoy
Maybe you didn't know, but SmallBox has quite the Muncie connection. Marketing guru Dan F., wunder-assistant Kasey B., client-success-King Justin S., ...
Sep 20, 2012
by Drew DeBoy
Everything used to be easy, simple, and sepia-toned back in the “olden days” (as my brother and I referred to anything pre-our-parents’-generat...
Jul 11, 2012
by Drew DeBoy
Ah, old-school Internet message boards, where superfans of any imaginable niche (from lawn bowling, to obscure literary theory, to subgenres of mid-80...