Elizabeth Heil
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Dec 17, 2013
by Elizabeth Heil
A challenge: how can we be intentional about encouraging others, lending a hand, and showing compassion in 2014?
Dec 05, 2013
by Elizabeth Heil
Elizabeth interviews Zoe, her 7-year old daughter, about her favorite moments of the past year for today's Think Kit post. Send her an e-mail about th...
Dec 02, 2013
by Elizabeth Heil
In a busy atmosphere full of creative, collaborative distractions, how do you stay productive? Elizabeth surveys the team to find ways to improve our ...
Sep 26, 2013
by Elizabeth Heil
La Verna Lodge, a program of Fairbanks, is a specialized residential treatment program with locations for both men and women. They enlisted the help o...
Aug 08, 2013
by Elizabeth Heil
"I'll try." Many of us say it all the time. But are we actually just giving ourselves an easy out? Removing this one word from your language can incre...
Jun 26, 2013
by Elizabeth Heil
June's "Lunch and Learn" session was all about how to use analytics to create a better user experience. Elizabeth summarizes the 'Box Lunch discussion...
Mar 28, 2013
by Elizabeth Heil
Meetings can feel confusing or unproductive, but there's one essential question that can help everyone walk out of any meeting with more clarity.
Dec 19, 2012
by Elizabeth Heil
Hopefully the concept of "nicing" someone is not new to you because you are a devoted follower of the SmallBox blog, but just in case you missed the b...
Dec 10, 2012
by Elizabeth Heil
It's no secret that I'm a big foodie. I'm not super artistic or crafty, but cooking is my creative outlet. I love trying new recipes, and I especially...
Nov 12, 2012
by Elizabeth Heil
There are all kinds of reasons I love being a part of the SmallBox team, but one of my favorite things about this group of people is their passion. Th...
Dec 22, 2011
by Elizabeth Heil
As I think about the various people that have made a difference in my life this past year, I realize how very blessed I am with the incredible group o...
Dec 18, 2011
by Elizabeth Heil
With any new work environment comes a learning curve with new technology. As one of the newer team members here at SmallBox, I finally got the opportu...