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Dec 21, 2012
by Jeb Banner
"Make Every Page Count" will be SmallBox's rallying cry in 2013. If we do this one thing it will fundamentally evolve, and change, the way this compan...
Dec 17, 2012
by Jeb Banner
If you talk with a SmallBoxer these days you are likely to hear us utter the phrase "Culture-Powered Marketing" but what does it actually mean? In a r...
Sep 12, 2012
by Jeb Banner
Most website projects begin innocently enough. The goal is to design and build something that will reflect the company's products, services, aspiratio...
Aug 16, 2012
by Jeb Banner
The future of marketing is organizational health. It is HR. It is culture. Marketing agencies that want to show real ROI for their clients will soon f...
Apr 06, 2012
by Jeb Banner
I recently presented on Factory Week for the Reachmore presenters series that my biz coach CJ McClanahan runs. It's basically a how-to guide for those...
Mar 06, 2012
by Jeb Banner
Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, tricks ruled web marketing. People would buy keyword rich urls (i.e. IndianapolisDoctors.com), throw up...
Feb 22, 2012
by Jeb Banner
Companies face a hard choice- should they hire an agency that focuses on doing just one thing really well (specialized) or one that offers a suite of ...
Feb 01, 2012
by Jeb Banner
I often compare business relationships to marriage. Many of the same dynamics apply- communication, trust, honesty, shared goals, etc. Just as a marri...
Jan 27, 2012
by Jeb Banner
Greetings Super Bowl 46 visitors, welcome to our fair city of Indianapolis! Once you have settled in and checked out all that downtown has to offer, a...
Jan 26, 2012
by Jeb Banner
Recently I introduced Freedom as SmallBox's 8th core value. Here's an excerpt from my recent 2011 wrap up speech:Starting February 1st, 2012 we now de...
Dec 07, 2011
by Jeb Banner
We moved to our current house  about 3 years ago. At the closing we met the previous owner, Linda, and her daughter. I haven't attended a lot of clos...
Sep 12, 2011
by Jeb Banner
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ...