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May 04, 2011

Beyond Gaming: A full interactive experience

May 04, 2011

A new gaming experience on iOS has taken interactive to a new level, and it's SuperBrothers' Sword and Sworcery EP. Beyond angry birds or slicing fruit, Sword and Sworcery EP delivers a multimedia experience you can't have on any other system.

I cannot say that I have played such a rich and original game since the Team ICO games on the PlayStation. Heavily influenced by Jungian viewpoints on mythology and storytelling, Sword and Sworcery EP puts in your pocket an entire world that you can carry around and jump into anytime. The graphics are nothing short of breathtaking. Beautiful pixelated graphics with amazing painstakingly rotoscoped animation, in the same vein as Price of Persia for the Apple II. This game fits my ideal aesthetic of graphics in games. I am more a retro type of gamer and feel very unimpressed by big fancy 3D cinematic sequences. I would much rather have dazzling and fine attention to detail that creates a world that is not realistic but I can still place myself inside of it.

What's different about it?

Double Rainbow all the way?

A Game with a Soundtrack

The music, scored by Jim Guthrie, is the biggest reason why the game is so powerful. The game was created alongside the music, a rarity in the creative process of game creation. Music and videos were traded back and forth to get the perfect aesthetic for the game and it shows.

What is also great about the music is that the entire score is released on 180 gram vinyl LP. It's titled "Ballad of the Space Babies." So cool! This just adds another layer to the concept of the game. The combination of tangible and digital allows you to revel in the sweet EP goodness that comes out of your iDevice, as well as enjoy the physical release of the album and its distinct artwork.

Built for Social Sharing
Directions and Dialogue in the game are all presented in short sentences, all under 140 characters. Any text you encounter in the game can be immediately tweeted to your twitter followers with the hashtag of #sworcery. In fact, they purposefully went with a unique spelling so that #sworcery stream will only have mentions relevant to their game.

The hashtags works well in their case especially because the content is so great. I wouldn't mind someone tweeting every single thing in the game and flooding my twitter feed mainly because the writing is top notch and humorous. You can tell the writing team are fans of Tim Schafer and the Monkey Island Series.

The Verdict: If you game, get it.

Needless to say, this is one of the best reasons to own an iPad or iPhone and at five bucks it is a steal of an experience. Cerebral, funny and dark, this one is going to be in multimedia history for sure.
I didn't even tell you about the story. And I think there is a reason why, it's best to be experienced on your own. So go get it!

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