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November 18, 2011

Bike Lanes Are Marketing

November 18, 2011

Broad Ripple Bike LaneBroad Ripple has lately been the epicenter for a hot debate on the necessity of bike lane design in Indianapolis. Considering that the majority of SmallBoxers ride our bikes to work (cough..cough.. we basically won bike to work day 2011..) and we partnered with our bicycle advocate homeboys, IndyCog, for 24 hour Web Project, you'd think we would be pumped about the addition of the commuter friendly lanes that were installed a few weeks ago... and we are. Even if they do make Broad Ripple Avenue look like a go kart track..

On a recent trip to work, I took a break from working through my mental to-do list and counted the smiling faces as I headed down the Monon Trail. There were only about 14 or so due to the morning chill, but it's true that literally everyone I passed was smiling. It's clear that our pedestrian trails are important to the city's culture.

I believe small scale optimization efforts such as bike lanes on Broad Ripple Avenue inspire the base of citizens that the changes affect to project their endorsement of Indianapolis much louder than those who oppose them.

Why not give those of us who are passionate about seeing our city grow a platform to continue to market our love of Indianapolis? This endorsement will have a larger impact than any of the negative press. Seems to me these enhancements are "low hanging fruit" (insert other awesome business term here..) that will continue to fuel what could be the largest marketing opportunity this city has seen in decades: Super Bowl 46.

My point is: the growing number of bike lanes are just one example of how Indianapolis is quickly becoming a first rate city. I believe that these enhancements will bolster cultural growth and make Indianapolis more marketable than ever at just the right time. Now, just need to get that digital marketing strategy in order... I think I know just the right team...

(Photo by Curt Ailes from http://www.urbanindy.com)

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