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August 26, 2016

Building a Better 'Box

August 26, 2016

We moved into our current location in May of 2013. It's almost our favorite place. It's full of quirks, big windows, a great courtyard, space to spread out. But then there are too many walls, loud bathrooms, outdated fixtures. Let's just say it has a whole lot of character. We want to make our home our numero uno, favorite place. We spend a lot of our life here, after all! So, we are on a mission – to build a better 'Box, or, in other words – to make our home really fit our needs.

One of the main driving forces for these changes is what Jeb has called "Our Journey to 3.0." While we've been transforming from a creative agency model to more organizational consulting, teaching and workshop offerings, and even greater collaboration, our building has remained the same old space. We're finding we need new types of spaces to support our emerging way of working.

We need wide open, sunlit, playful spaces for teaching and facilitation. We need dedicated project spaces where we can externalize our research, hanging our sticky notes and experience maps on the wall to make sense of complex problems and see the work coming to life. We want a more inviting client experience the moment people walk through our doors. Basically, the building needs to change with us. 

We started our remodel journey with DORIS. We did a deep dive into how we use our current space and prototyped the way it could be. It was a huge success and everyone's voices were heard. Having everyone's input really helped us as we moved into our next phase this summer with Delv Design. A smaller team of five people worked with Delv, but the voices and wants of the whole team were always in the forefront. 

DELV helping SmallBox with renovations

Delv helped us build a vision statement for the future of our space and really listened – often to conflicting opinions, shifting desires, and a whole lot of #noob questions. They understood the different ways our team works. Some people need heads down focus space, some like the feel of an open studio space. They created more client meeting rooms and flexible work areas, and most importantly they created a great socializing space for our team and clients.

They were incredibly patient with us and really got where we wanted to go. When we saw the their initial drawings we were blown away at how well they got us. They put all of our many ideas into several awesome potential remodelled floor plans. How did they do it?! And how do we choose?

We're not quite ready to put their plan into action. We have some more decisions to make and some planning to figure out the least disruptive path to renovate. But we're excited to see the plan taking shape and we're looking forward to building a better 'Box!

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