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September 28, 2009

Business Blogging- Pros and Cons

September 28, 2009

Business blogging is all rage right now so many companies are feeling pressured to add a blog to their website. This had led to fields of "dead" or "dying" blogs across the Internet. Blogs that have almost no activity or no user comments.

In my experience most companies have no idea how to blog. They are really intimidated . Sure, they know that it should help in their search engine standings but what happens when the search traffic gets to this blog? Where is the ROI? Is this is a huge waste of time and resources?

Now don't get me wrong, there are a handful of companies out there doing a great job of using blogs to capture search. Our friends over at Compendium have done a great job of providing a SaaS platform for business blogging. But it really takes a company that is willing to invest in creating content regularly and "gets" blogging on some level. Or it takes an investment in "ghost" blogging which can be a little pricey and also run the risk of appearing inauthentic.

If most companies don't know how to "blog" they do know how to answer questions. In fact they answer questions everyday. These questions and answers simply float out into space. These answers contain valuable content that needs to be captured and shared. If these questions and answers were presented in a search and user friendly environment then companies would be creating valuable site content on a regular basis, capturing new business via search and providing a valuable tool for existing customers.

More soon on how we plan to provide this service. We call it "Active FAQs"- search engine and user friendly FAQ pages.


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