June 30, 2017
by Drew DeBoy
Need an open, low-pressure forum for creative input from large groups of people? Time to write on the walls.

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Nov 06, 2014
by Sarah Herbert
What happens when a brand outgrows its look? Time for some new duds.
Oct 30, 2014
by Jason Ward
SmallBox worked with FinishMaster to design and build a new website. More than that, FinishMaster identified an enormous opportunity to use content ma...
Oct 14, 2014
by Lydia Lodovisi
Want to know how we expand on a brand's look and feel without blowing the budget? Style tiles are key.
Jul 24, 2014
by Leigh Marino
What's it take to launch an industry-leading site? Uncover the process behind Purdue CAB's new online platform.
Jul 02, 2014
by Lydia Lodovisi
How one map created a ton of clarity for the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University.
Apr 30, 2014
by Mayowa Tomori
In our latest video, we used community art to help Fairbanks engage and connect with their audience and celebrate the impact of their work.
Apr 16, 2014
by Neil Kjeldsen
Content before design may be a best practice, but is it a necessity?
Mar 25, 2014
by Tyler Bender
Collaboration played a crucial role in our new site for Automatic Pool Covers – get the low-down on the vision, execution, design, and process the n...
Feb 19, 2014
by Mayowa Tomori
Get a behind-the-scenes look at a year in the life of SmallBox.
Feb 17, 2014
by Jason Ward
A holistic approach to our relationship produced a great web presence for an exceptional organization. The site pushed our design up a notch, and elev...
Feb 01, 2014
by Jason Ward
We relished the chance to expand on the CEDIA experience with the new CEDIA.net site, and what we built was an experience that was at once similar to ...
Jan 08, 2014
by Leigh Marino
The SmallBox Discovery process is not a cookie-cutter thing. Much like an explorer that sets sail on uncharted waters, we simply don’t know what we ...