December 11, 2017
by Mark Shreve
We are approaching the holidays differently this year - by celebrating people and organizations that make Indianapolis a better community!

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Mar 12, 2013
by Jon Rogers
Before zipping off to SXSW, Jon Rogers kicked off our latest new endeavor, SmallBox Radio! Our inaugural podcast features the scoop on Indy UX Salon.
Feb 27, 2013
by Leigh Marino
Leigh fesses up — she didn't always love Indy. But those days are over, and she makes a case for the Indy-Blues.
Feb 12, 2013
by Kasey Bradley
Our first Nice Grants program has been a huge success. We received 188 applications and narrowed it down to 10 winners. We are all still a little tire...
Feb 01, 2013
by Kasey Bradley
My first Factory Week has been nothing short of amazing. I've learned, I've laughed, I've loved. I HAVE LIVED!I have been lucky - I have been heavily ...
Jan 30, 2013
by Jon Rogers
This nicing thing has got me psyched up to live in Indianapolis! Because we're working on so many internal projects for Factory Week this week, we're ...
Jan 29, 2013
by Kasey Bradley
A few days ago we closed submissions for the Nice Grant program. The response has been nothing short of epic, and we have a lot of work to do before w...
Jan 29, 2013
by Abby Schoonveld
We’re so sneaky! We had ulterior motives, fantastic ulterior motives! As a sign of thanks for falling for our awesome trap, we’re giving the first...
Jan 07, 2013
by Kasey Bradley
I personally can contest how much difference a little money can make in a person's life. I have worked low-paying jobs in the past, I have been unempl...
Nov 20, 2012
by Sara McGuyer
When Lydia and I launched Think Kit last year, we issued a challenge to the SmallBox team to blog every day in December. Being once or twice per week ...
Nov 12, 2012
by Elizabeth Heil
There are all kinds of reasons I love being a part of the SmallBox team, but one of my favorite things about this group of people is their passion. Th...
Oct 03, 2012
by Emily Watkins
It's interesting to think about the debate of man versus machine, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. In the past, and even to som...
Feb 23, 2012
by Sara McGuyer
Yesterday Smallbox (development/hosting), KA+A (design/frontend) and Verge (promotion) launched a joint project called Indiana by SXSW. This web direc...