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January 09, 2012

Client Highlight: Floors To Your Home

January 09, 2012

This is the first installment of a new series that SmallBox will be running to highlight some of the cool things our clients are doing.  We've worked with such a diverse array of businesses over the past few years, the variety is almost mind-boggling.  We work with such a wide variety of companies and industries. From an HR and Employee Benefits company to a company that specializes in delivering top-quality, low-cost flooring products like vinyl plank flooring, we feel like we have a million stories to tell about our clients, and no one to tell them to but each other.  So we thought we'd try sharing a few of these stories with you, dear reader.

We're kicking off the series with a post about Floors To Your Home because we feel that the way they are building up their internet presence is a model for how really effective national e-commerce brands will work in the future.  We think that the way that Floors To Your Home is going 'above-and-beyond' right now will be 'the new normal' in the future, as more of the total retail pie shifts from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce and the space becomes more competitive.

No. 1:  "More than words"

Great content and lots of it has been the new model for a while.  And Floors To Your Home has great content.  When most companies talk about 'great content' on their site, they are referring to the text on a page.  Design is important for user experience, text is important for SEO purposes.  Text is also important for user-experience, of course: if the text is not helpful or interesting to the user it will alienate your customer.  So you have to have the most informative, interesting text on the market or your not going to get anywhere.  That's your baseline.  But Floors To Your Home decided that wasn't enough.  So they added video tutorials to their main pages.  Visit their site and you'll see their tutorials ranging from how to lay laminate flooring to their explanation of the difference between engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring we think that floors to your home has positioned themselves not only as the most affordable flooring site on the internet, but also as an authority and resource for aspiring DIY-ers to get a feel for flooring.

We're hoping that--sometime in the foreseeable future--whenever you have a question about flooring, you'll type it in to the search bar on your laptop or your smartphone and Floors To Your Home will be right there on page one to provide you with all of the answers.  Like for example, what was the difference between solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring?  I mean what is it exactly?  Obviously the one is engineered, and the other solid, but what does that even mean? [Snapping fingers] It's on the tip of my tongue...

Luckily, Mr. Kahn's answer is at my fingertips as soon as I type the question into the Google Search Bar:


There are a number of tangible, measurable benefits to putting really great video on your site.

First, it hooks visitors, causing them to spend more time on your site and to engage more deeply with your brand.  This increases Google’s ‘time-on-site’ metric, which is becoming more important as user-experience becomes more central to the way that sites are ranked. Secondly, if your visitor is still in the early research phase, just toying with the concept of laying new flooring in their home, if your video was the one that convinced them that they could ‘do-it-themselves’ your brand will be top-of-mind when that visitor decides to make a purchase.


No. 2: Brand Digital Ecosystem

Floors To Your Home is one of our first clients to become fully invested in a new integrated marketing strategy that SmallBox is calling our ‘Brand Digital Ecosystem.’  Floors To Your Home is thinking outside of the box and beyond the borders of their website about new ways in which their online brand can be enhanced.

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