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July 08, 2014

Content Is Everywhere, Stop Ignoring It!

July 08, 2014

There is a real disconnect going on right now. Modern marketing is fed by content, but organizations are really struggling to create it. Want to see a look of horror? Ask someone to write a blog. I’ve come to believe that the most wasted corporate byproduct is content. It is everywhere. Every email, every meeting, every report, every call. But it isn’t being captured. 

Gathering Obvious Content

If we could skim just a small fraction of that content off the top, we would have more than enough great stuff to power a company blog, social accounts and newsletters. But most companies place no value on this content, they let it go into the air and disappear – then panic when it comes time to create content. Imagine if you just had one person in your office whose job it was to gather some of that content: sit in important meetings, ask the CEO or other leadership a question, have internal emails with great industry insights forwarded to them, etc. Just have someone walk around with a virtual bucket capturing all that great content. 

Making the Right Investment

The result would be a powerful brand presence that says, “We are real people that know our stuff." This would create leads, opportunities to speak, attract great talent, and more. But instead of doing this, companies invest in marketing software. Not that these tools aren’t important things to have, but they need content. Content is their fuel and I see companies, over and over, make investments in the tools but not the fuel. In most cases the problem isn’t software, it’s commitment. Without an organizational commitment to content – not just a function of the marketing department – these fancy and often expensive tools are vastly underutilized. An empty palace waiting for the party.

A Company-Wide Commitment

So before you make a big investment in software, start with a company-wide commitment to content. Marketing is everyone’s job and, yes, this is a paradigm shift. Don’t waste your money if you aren’t serious about changing the way your company thinks and works. Content is everywhere, stop ignoring it, please.

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