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January 16, 2016

Creative Exploration in Broad Ripple

January 16, 2016

We've extolled the virtues of having our office in Broad Ripple before – we have the Monon, Petite Chou, Indy CD & Vinyl, and great walking. It's hard to imagine being anywhere else. On top of the great lunch places and village vibe, there are some wonderful spots for crafting, creative exploration, and inspiration. 

Some of my favorite small creative recharging breaks from work have been mini field trips to Indy Upcycle. You never know what you will find. Art books, popsicle sticks, scraps of fabric. When Lydia and I were prototyping a travel kit, she stocked up on super affordable supplies here – yarn, vellum paper (unused and still in the packaging, I might add!). Any makers should have this place on their list. Go when you aren't in a hurry, so you can poke around in all of the bins.

Broad Ripple Knits

I'm a knitter, and I love that Broad Ripple Knits is so close. They have a great selection of yarns, needles and books, and they offer classes if you are a newbie wanting to learn. Their staff is always very helpful in helping match the right kind of yarn for your project, and they have a big table for communal knitting, should you want a space to sit and knit with others (SoBro Café is another great place to sit and knit).

Perk Up is where I go when I want a more quiet coffee shop retreat – perfect for writing or sketching. It's cozy inside, and they have a lovely deck out front when it's warm. The cappuccinos and cookies have always been on point.

If you haven't taken an art class at Indianapolis Art Center, I highly recommend looking into their schedule. As part of our benefits package, SmallBox pays for a class for all of our team – whatever they're interested in exploring. They have everything from photography to woodworking.


Pre-art art. Totally that person who could not wait to get my hands in the clay.

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I took a ceramics class last year. It had been nearly 20 years since I'd last gotten my hands in clay. If you haven't played with it, I can say it's something that borders on therapy, perhaps one of the most soothing and absorbing things I've done. While there for class, I always enjoyed peeking at the rotating exhibits or exploring their grounds.

Do you have any favorite spots for creative recharging or inspiration?

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