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November 11, 2014

Custom Landing Pages...Without All The Work

November 11, 2014

SmallBox has been working with Brown County for quite some time, dating back to the build of their current website. They recently approached us about a rather unique project that would add creative individuality to specific pages, but wouldn’t require them to perform difficult development tasks.

A Unique Community

First, a little background information on Brown County. Everywhere you look, there’s something unique, from the outstanding scenery and hiking opportunities to the local art scene. As such, the Brown County website houses several brand entities that are relevant to, but not necessarily related to, the Brown County brand. The Arts Village is an example – a group of working artists who live, create, and sell everything from ceramics to leather goods all across Brown County.

When Information Gets Lost...

These entities have their own unique brand and visual identity, but they’re simply contained within the larger structure of the Brown County website. As a result, an event or other specific information can get lost and become difficult to find. And that brings us the goal of this project: to create simple landing pages that take on their own unique look and feel outside of the Brown County brand.

Arts Village Page

A Custom, Useable Solution

The first order of business was shedding the look and feel of the Brown County website. This meant losing the logo, header and footer, color palette, and other design conventions, stripping the landing page template down to bare basics. The second order of business, and the real challenge of this project, was taking these stripped down pages and giving the client the power to turn them into something visually appealing as well as functional. We wanted the client to be able to easily create customized landing pages that not only look great, but also give users quick, simple access to important information.

Arts Village Landing Page

So here’s what we did:
1. A large hero image (when done well) can add instant appeal to any page, adding a splash of extra color or texture and creating great visual impact.
2. A customizable color palette lets these pages bend to any brand identity.

3. Full editing capability provides control over every aspect of the page, including forms to create a conversion point. No hard coding here.

What custom projects that sit outside the normal design elements of a website have you noticed lately?

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