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January 30, 2013

Daily Random Nicing: Yats Has Your Fortune!

January 30, 2013

This nicing thing has got me psyched up to live in Indianapolis! Because we're working on so many internal projects for Factory Week this week, we're actively reaching out to the surrounding neighborhood to show our appreciation for our community. Last night, we bought a round for the whole neighborhood at Upland Tasting Room. The day before, we let you tell us your favorite charities, then we niced them with donations in your name!

Today, it's drizzly and grey outside, but there's just never a bad time to eat at Yats. From 5 - 6 PM, we'll be at the Broad Ripple Yats (5363 N College) to give you a chance to win your meal on us! However, we 'Boxers have decided to include a twist (of course!) - order your meal, then consult the Magic 8-ball (pictured below). If your fortune is "yes" or anything similar, SmallBox will buy your meal! And who wouldn't want that?!


And don't worry if a free meal isn't  your fortune tonight - we'll have some extra prizes to give out so nobody is left brokenhearted. And the food will still taste great either way. Don't delay! Again, we'll only be there from 5-6 PM. Come on out and get niced at Indy's favorite "cajun creole" restaurant. And who knows? Maybe we'll all have a little fun in the process!

Tomorrow's "daily random nicing" will begin bright and early at another of our favorite places in Broad Ripple. If you like coffee, donuts, and/or listening to great music, you won't wanna miss it. Stay tuned!

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