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February 10, 2015

Design for an Organized Mind

February 10, 2015

Having trouble focusing on the task at hand? Find yourself constantly distracted? Does the word “frenzied” describe your work or lifestyle?


I’m excited to announce the launch of a brand new online course SmallBox has been working on for the past several months: Organize Your Mind.

An organized mind is intentional, deep, agile, diverse, and energized - emotionally and physically. It's productive, creative, and strategic, every day.

Maybe you haven’t noticed (too distracted, eh?), but the mindfulness revolution is upon us. Everyone from Oprah to Harvard have been raving about the benefits of meditation and simply being more present – from overall wellness to improved business performance. In other words: multi-tasking is out and focus is in.

We began partnering with the worldwide experts in wellness coaching, Wellcoaches, last summer to take their marketing to the next level and quickly found ourselves designing an industry-leading experience for their fearless founder and international thought leader, Coach Meg.

What Does it Look Like?

Let’s take a look at the principles behind Organize Your Mind (OYM) and how we helped bring this brilliant concept to life.

Design for Instruction

The majority of course content exists within the online learning platform, Ruzuku, which required quite a bit of organization to live up to brand standards. We created iconography and styled much of the content to ensure a consistent and polished feel for users.


A Mobile “Toolbox”

In addition to the course content, OYM delivers daily prompts to help users practice what they’ve learned on a daily basis. We designed these prompts using a tool called MetricWire.


Journaling to the Top

The last point of engagement for course-takers is a daily journal that allows each user to keep track of progress and begin setting strong habits.

Registration Accumulation

The final piece of the puzzle was a micro-site for marketing and sales purposes. Coach Meg brought a ton of great content to the table, including strong messaging that easily shaped itself into iconography and an online assessment tool that was developed using Survey Gizmo.

OYM Landing Page

The core challenge throughout this project was “taming the frenzy” of using a multitude of 3rd party technology into a smooth, seamless and consistent experience for the minimum viable product. Not only are we incredibly excited to unveil this great program, but I like to think we learned a thing or two about mindfulness.

Now, what are you waiting for? Register today and evolve your brain state!

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