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May 19, 2014

Discover Indiana Music: MFT Radio Launches!

May 19, 2014

The past few months I have been working on a pet project, one that I’ve had on the back burner for years. Fortunately, I finally found a willing partner-in-crime with our intern Colin Ulin. First a little background information...

MusicalFamilyTree.com is an ongoing 10-year-plus attempt to document and spread Indiana music. As the years have gone by, the site has filled up with tens of thousands of great/amazing/weird/mostly-unreleased tunes by some of Indiana’s best bands. The problem has become – how do we turn people on to all of this music? It’s pretty overwhelming. So we thought, why not put together a streaming radio that features some of the best songs on the site?

Although this seems pretty simple, it turns out it takes a lot of work. There are a wide range of tracks on the site and some are, frankly, better than others. So whiz kid Colin worked up a fancy algorithm which brought forward some of the best tracks, and then crafted a great pop-up player that allows users to save their favorite tracks while they listen, as well as share on social media. It works across pretty much every browser we can find as well – on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

To listen to the MFT Radio stream just go to MusicalFamilyTree.com and click on the radio icon in the top left of the site. It will pop open a player and you'll start discovering great new music! Personally, I can't stop listening to it and have discovered lots of new music. If you want to hear my favorite MFT tracks just check out my Favorites playlist. Let me know what new tunes you discover!

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