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January 06, 2016

Do You Hear What I Hear

January 06, 2016

Over the holiday, rather than immediately switching the television or stereo on when entering a room, I found myself enjoying reading, drawing and coloring in silence. At first, it felt a bit heavy and awkward, but soon I found myself enjoying the space it gave my mind to rest... and to wander. Most often the silence was broken by my puppy, Chloé, and often because she had something specific to say. 

For today’s ThinkKit prompt (tell us about a sound you hear in your house or at work) I've chosen to focus on deciphering the noises and sounds she often makes. 

Chloé's Translation Primer, Volume I:

Single Sigh:  Is it dinner time yet?
Two Whines Followed by A Sigh:  My toy is stuck under the bed.
Long Sigh That Transitions Into a Long Whine:  Surely it's dinner time by now?

Upon Hearing a Doorbell (on TV, we don't have one):  Who’s there?
When Playing with Kong Toy: C'mon let's play!
When Mom Plays Guitar:  Look ma, I can sing!

Squeaky Toys...
First Squeak:  I am tired of being ignored.
Tenth Squeak:  Could I get your attention? Like, now?
Rhythmic Squeaking: Hey! I love this song!

Others: Who are you?
Carpet: What is this?
The Air: Who tooted?

The Air:  Can I taste that?
Her Food:  Mmmmmmmmm...
Her Paws:  Musn't… stop… licking…

On Me: Your lap is soooo comfy.
On the Couch: This couch is soooo comfy.
On the Bed: My bed is soooo comfy.

Passing Gas...
While Stretching: Ahhhhh... whoopsies!
While Sleeping: Zzzzzzzzzzz
Loud Enough to Wake Herself Up:  Wha?? Who did that?

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: “Hear, Hear. Do you hear what I hear? Tell us about a sound. What do you hear in your house or at work?

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