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February 17, 2012

Factory Week Update: Testimonial Videos

February 17, 2012

I am always happy to hear our clients express excitement about their new website. As Client Success Manager, I am the team member who trains each client on how to use Boxer CMS, then remain their contact as questions and support needs arise. Because of that relationship, I get to hear many testimonials, things like how a new site has positively impacted the client's business and or how the client loved working with everyone on our team.

Up until now, we have obtained written testimonials, but reading a testimonial just isn't the same as seeing the expressions and excitement straight from the client. We decided it was time to capture some of their feedback on film. Through this medium, we would also add a very important video component to our digital brand ecosystem.

Prior to Factory Week, we worked with 2355 productions to film and edit the testimonials. We had the video files in hand, but needed to upload the files to our youtube channel and optimize them for search engines.

This simple task was put on hold as our pre-Factory Week schedule was jam-packed. As Jeb always says, it's good to schedule a few "quick win" projects alongside some of the more intense goals like building a video game in one week. This was one of those quick wins.

Throughout the process of creating these video testimonials I realized how close I had become to our clients, and I'm honored that Rita from Noble and Todd from Dr. Todd's enthusiastically agreed to endorse us on video. But don't take my word for it watch the videos below!



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