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November 16, 2012

Finding Purpose in Feet

November 16, 2012

I reached a rather unexpected career milestone this summer: one of our very first marketing clients called to tell me he was quitting his day job and taking his then part-time ecommerce business full-time. Of course, SmallBox can’t claim this was a decision based solely on kick ass sales results (although, this was definitely part of it!), but rather the decision was based on inspiration and purpose. Little did we know this was only the beginning of how purpose driven marketing has evolved the career of our client. Here’s the story of one man’s mission to help others “reclaim life” via their feet:

DrTodds Foot Care Products was created in 2006 by Todd Mann, a podiatrist by trade who started selling foot care products online after seeing how difficult it is for his geriatric (especially diabetic) patients get their hands on treatment and foot pain relief products. Imagine the catch 22 of needing to pick up healing foot cream when it’s too painful to walk into the corner Walgreens. :(

After 5 years of fulfilling website orders between patient appointments from his home on the northside of Indianapolis, we sat down with Todd to take a step back and examine his business. What was it that he was truly providing for his clients? Superior products? Easy shopping? Yes, but to Todd it was more about helping his customers regain their livelihood and the confidence that comes with wellness.

After only an hour’s worth of wordplay, a purpose statement for DrTodds jumped out at us: Reclaim Life. This speaks to Todd’s personal mission of helping others and has also helped him live into the purpose of the business by aligning his marketing around this central purpose.


The next step for Todd was to find an even more direct opportunity to help others reclaim life through their feet. He decided to partner with a shoe charity organization called Soles4Souls that donates shoes to people in need around the world. DrTodd’s commitment to Soles4Souls includes matching all donations dollar for dollar via his website and also donating 25% of a chosen product each month for 6 months.

To say that we’re inspired by Todd’s commitment to his purpose of reclaiming life is an understatement. This is an example of how marketing can literally change the world, one foot at a time.

Click here to help Todd live into his purpose by donating to Soles4Souls from his website!

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