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October 30, 2014

FinishMaster Remastered

October 30, 2014

Sometimes you just need a new coat of paint to hide some dings or freshen things up. Sometimes you need to completely rebuild from the ground up.

The latter was true of FinishMaster.com when they approached us about a new website. The marketing and communications team at FinishMaster needed to bring their web presence into the 21st century to match their unparalleled service. Though they are both talented and dedicated, they knew that they would need a partner to achieve their web-related marketing and sales goals. 

We're elated that they chose us!

Beginning With the End in Mind

Over the past year, SmallBox worked with FinishMaster to plan, design and build a new and much improved website. More than that, FinishMaster identified an enormous opportunity to use content marketing as a means to achieve their sales goals, promote their values-based culture, and support their clients more holistically.

To this end, SmallBox began our partnership with FinishMaster by researching and planning an effective digital marketing strategy. While FinishMaster's team had enormous experience in traditional marketing, advertising, and sales, they put their full trust in SmallBox to generate a comprehensive marketing plan. The marketing plan helped their team leverage the web and inbound marketing for the first time in the company's lengthy history. 

Relying on in-depth market and audience research, this plan helps FinishMaster concept and execute ongoing content that will reach target audiences with the right message at the right time, ensuring that FinishMaster continues to be the key factor in their customers' successes. Based on their own values, and the identified needs of their audiences, FinishMaster has begun producing high quality content that provide insights and recommendations for industry professionals, detailed product information, and windows into the company's culture.

Finishing Strong

Though FinishMaster came to us with a desire to build a new website, the website itself was the culmination of all of our efforts. Because the research was complete and the marketing plan was already in place, the team had a strong concept of what the new site's content should include. The insights into the marketing content helped us plan and design a site (see Lydia's post on style tiles we created during the design phase) that augments the content and brings FinishMaster's voice and visuals together into one spiffy package.

The first order of business was to design a section of the site that highlights FinishMaster's thousands of products. Customers need and want to learn about what products FinishMaster carries, what's new, and to be linked to the store to purchase them. The new website places a priority on product information by tapping into a third-party database provided by industry leaders. Product information and images (when available) are ported over to the FinishMaster site regularly to ensure that customers are kept up to date.

The second priority for the new website is to help FinishMaster tell its story, from culture to services. FinishMaster is a different sort of company, focused on exceptional support and superior service, both grounded in the company's values. FinishMaster needed a platform to tell their customers' stories and present their unique value propositions. The services, news, resources and about sections of the website are focused almost solely on granting users a window into FinishMaster's differentiators, and to create a picture of what it is like to work with FinishMaster, not just buy from them.

We encourage you to explore the FinishMaster website to get a glimpse at the products and logistics behind some of the best auto paint and body shops in the country.

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