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May 08, 2014

Game Night Highlights

May 08, 2014

Game night is a relatively new institution here at SmallBox. Started by Jason last year, every month we get together and eat, drink and, you guessed it, play board and card games.

We usually play a few different games each night, often trying something new, and ranging from euchre to nerdy superhero strategy. There’s really only one condition for picking a game: it has to be fun. But fun-factor aside, many of the games we play embody some of SmallBox’s values and other favorites: collaboration, teamwork, storytelling, and creativity. Some recent highlights include:

Hanabi is one of our favorites. It’s a card game in which the players work together to reach a common goal using limited resources, limited time, and limited forms of communication. But there’s a catch; players can’t see their own cards, only the cards of their teammates, and they must use clues about their own cards to move the game forward. So, trust and cooperation between players is key. You can read more about Hanabi in Jason’s blog post.

La Boca is named after a famous neighborhood in Buenos Aires, known for its eccentric skyline. Players must work together in teams of two to construct “skylines” using various colored blocks of different shapes and sizes, almost like a three-dimensional game of Tetris. However, players can only see the completed image from their own point of view. They must constantly communicate and work together to make sure each block ends up in the right spot.

Dixit is a game for creative thinkers. Its cards feature abstract, quirky, and whimsical illustrations that wouldn’t be out of place in the surrealist movement. Each turn, one player assumes the role of storyteller. Using the cards in their hand, they make up a sentence – something that might tell the card’s story. The other players then select a card in secret from his or her hand which might match the given sentence, and then bets on which card is the storyteller’s.

Like our other institutions, Game Night gives us the chance to come together under a shared interest, build teamwork and camaraderie, and use our brains in a way that’s different from our everyday job. It’s also an opportunity to socialize and have fun with coworkers outside of office hours. And what better way to do that than with a few beers, some good eats, and some fun games? 

Do you play games after work? What are your recent favorites?

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