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January 12, 2016

Game On!

January 12, 2016

Today's blog post is all about the fun stuff you did in between the hours spent at work, trips to the grocery, and loads of laundry. 

When attending a party or networking event, common questions arises, "What do you do for fun?" "Do you have any hobbies?" These always sent me down a nervous spiral of racking my brain and trying to think of what the heck I do when I have some time on my hands. The same nervous spiral attacks when someone asks, "Do you have any talents?" No, I'd say! I'm not talented, I have no hobbies, and I really don't do much. I exist as a machine that moves from bed, to car, to office chair, to couch. On repeat. 

Of course, this isn't even close to true but dang those are hard questions to answer on the spot. If I had time to really have a conversation about the things I enjoy, instead of the small talk niceties, I'd talk your ear off, I'm sure of it. The real problem is, I do so much stuff and enjoy so many things I can't narrow it down to one concise easy answer. I don't have an elevator pitch for how I spend my free time. Rest assured I do have a lot of fun, at work and away from it. So, to ease my mind, I'm going to make a handy (but not all inclusive) list of things I enjoy. It'll be a great tool to refer to when those hard-hitting party/networking questions arise.

In no particular order:

Playing games and Game Nights 
Board games, card games, trivia, puzzles, and all things Gen Con. I can be competitive but don't mind losing, someone has to.

98% fiction, mostly before I go to sleep but I also listen to a lot of audio books in the car. So when I say, I read or am reading a book, most likely it was aural.

Crochet, cross-stitch, woodworking. I wish I did more crafting. It's the first thing I stop doing when things get busy.

This one seems odd for me but I spend so much time exercising, I must enjoy it.

Fancy cocktails 
I exclusively shop on the bottom wine shelf at any store but put a fancy cocktail list in front of me and money is no object.

Not spending money
In contrast to my fancy cocktail splurges, I like to see how many days I can go without spending money. Sometimes I think, I'll go out for lunch, and I'll say, "No, you'll break your streak!" My bank balance doesn't reflect this hobby. How do I spend so much money without ever buying anything?!

Willow, my dog
She's amazing and perfect in every way. Except for the barking, social anxiety, nervousness of new things, and ability to stare at me for hours on end in the most irritating way. We have a routine and are simpatico in all things. She's the best!

The aforementioned stare.

Swimming and Swimming Weather 
I like heat, like heat so hot I need to be outside in a pool; it's my idea of heaven. Luckily, my boyfriend has a pool! 

Being home
I don't mean my home exactly, more like feeling so comfortable around the people surrounding you. I've got nothing to hide and I get to let all hang loose. I get this feeling when I'm with my closest friends and family. I can make no mistakes and the world is always good.

Concerts, Traveling, Delicious Food, Good Television...

There's my list. I should print this out and keep it in my purse! 

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox

Prompt: "Play Date. You know the story about all work and no play... How did you play with others this year? Let your hair down and share how you escaped for an hour, a day, or more."

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