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September 12, 2012

Google Certification: License to Serve

September 12, 2012

Google Analytics & Adwords CertificationIn this age of apps, terabytes, 3D TV, cloud computing, VHS, electric typewriters and car phones (ok I’m still clinging to the last few), the value of higher education is more questionable than ever.

Example: is a web developer with experience in a brand new language such as HTML5 more valuable to the greater marketplace than a Doctor of Philosophy?

No need to answer this question, but the point is... the value of becoming certified in a particular area of focus is shifting more rapidly than ever. The term “guru” is thrown around a lot in marketing, but does being an expert include having a client’s best interest in mind? Therefore, I feel the real question is: how do we determine who’s legit?

Google Adwords and Analytics certifications help marketers pass the sniff test. Becoming a certified expert at data analysis and management in the eyes of google says a few things:

  1. This person / agency is whip smart... the tests are freaking difficult. I’ve taken the Adwords test 3 times in the past few years while accumulating hundreds of hours of PPC experience and have not quite hit that perfect score I anticipated.

  2. This person / agency has accumulated experience across multiple industries and marketing channels. The tests cover measuring ecommerce data in addition to traditional website data and also many channels within the brand digital ecosystem such as social media platforms, search engines, etc.

  3. This person / agency has their client’s best interest in mind. The entire concept of using Google analytics is built on the premise that measuring website data over periods of time can improve future performance. But that’s really just the beginning, there are amazing tools such as event tracking and multi channel funnels to help data managers track conversions to grow results.

Is your data manager or marketing company Google certified? I encourage you to ask, not in the accusatory sense, but rather to challenge this person / agency and ensure they are growing their expertise and have your business’ best interest at heart. After all, who doesn’t love a good ole’ fashioned challenge?


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