#heartmyhood: an ode to Broad Ripple

October 02, 2014

A couple of years ago, we realized we were busting at the seams in our old space in the Earl Carter building. As Jeb ventured out to find new spaces for SmallBox HQ, he had one stipulation:

It had to be walking distance to the record store.

Broad Ripple has been a big part of our identity from the beginning, and it just wasn't an option to look elsewhere. It's hard to imagine us without this neighborhood. We love it for many reasons, but among them, its capacity for great walks.

We're huge fans of walking meetings. On any given day in Broad Ripple, you might spot a couple of 'Boxers having a walking one-on-one, or a whole slew of us in a group brainstorming walk. We walk for health – to get away from the screens, from all of the sitting. We walk to think differently and get ideas. We walk as a path to great work.

We have plenty of favorite walking spots in the village – cutting through the neighborhood south of Broad Ripple Ave, walking along the Monon Trail and by the Rainbow Bridge along the canal. And then we have favorite destinations too. A quick walk to browse the stacks at Indy CD & Vinyl, and a more recent favorite walking break, Nicey Treat field trips. We've earned a popsicle after all of these walks, right?

We want to know, why do you love your neighborhood? We're asking folks this question to celebrate neighborhood love in Indy. We were inspired to ask this question by our 24 Hour Web Project partner, Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center, and all of the wonderful work they do to support vibrant communities.

So, tell us your tales! And tag it #heartmyhood. Your stories will fuel us as we pull an all-nighter to build INRC's new website. 24 Hour Web Project is full steam ahead until noon on October 3!

#heartmyhood is a collaboration between SmallBox and Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center to spread neighborhood love in Indy. Love your neighborhood? Tell us about it here!

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