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June 19, 2012

Hello, Marketing Makeover!

June 19, 2012

24 Hour Web Project logoOnce per year, team SmallBox pulls an all-nighter for the extravaganza known as 24 Hour Web Project. In just 24 hours time, the team rallies to design, develop and launch a website for a worthy organization, all for free to the nonprofit.

Last year, we upped our game by tackling two websites instead of just one. It was no small feat to complete them on time, but we felt good about the two sites we put out into the world for Earth House and INDYCOG.

As we began to talk about what we might do this year, one thing was clear: just building a website no longer represents the SmallBox of today. We do so much more than build websites, and many of our clients find incredible value in our content planning or ongoing marketing services.

Drum roll #1!
After much plotting, we've decided to donate services to just one organization, but this time, we will provide the full suite of our offerings. Email marketing, content strategy, digital PR - the whole shebang.

This year's 24 Hour Web Project, valued at more than $40,000, will include:

  • a brand, spankin' new website

  • the full search engine optimization treatment for onsite content, plus local SEO optimization

  • a custom designed email marketing template

  • creation of text and image ads for a Google Pay Per Click, plus a gift card to kick start the ads

  • consulting on social media

  • content strategy and editorial calendar

  • a pitch about the new website launch, plus a full contact list of contacts for digital PR/outreach

  • a marketing video

  • a 6 month "Maintain" package, for ongoing website support and consulting

Another drum roll, please... Welcome the Steak!
Lodge logoWe're super excited to announce that Lodge Design is joining us this year to film, edit and produce the marketing video for the winning nonprofit. This is the first time we've had another agency partner with us on this project and we're thrilled to be in such great company. (They produce lovely video work - see examples here).

We're accepting applications through June 29. Know of someone who should apply? Please, send them to our application online!

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