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October 23, 2014

Hiring: Developer

October 23, 2014

We're on the hunt for a developer – could it be you? We're not just looking for a run of the mill coder. We're looking for someone who is enamored with technology, loves to tinker and learn new platforms. This role is not entry level – we need someone who is very comfortable being the sole developer on a large-scale project.

Much of our work is on a LAMP stack, so you'll need to know that. Other musts: CSS/HTML, JavaScript, front and back end development capabilities, and experience with responsive web design. Our co-founder Joe built our custom CMS, Boxer in 2007. He and Jordan have iterated on this over the years. It's a bonus if you bring other skills to the table, like understanding frameworks such as Laravel, some training in UX, or experience with e-commerce or learning management systems.

Much of our development work is building marketing-focused websites. We consider ourselves platform agnostic – sometimes a custom CMS is the best solution, sometimes a lightweight WordPress site will do the trick. Our recent builds have included our custom CMS, WordPress and Squarespace.

Our developers collaborate using Git. Many of our past projects have operated with one developer per project. Recently, we've been experimenting with co-developing. In some cases that's been two developers from our team. In others, it's been us collaborating with a development partner on the client side.

What else you might need to know? Our developers are the sort to play with toys like Oculus Rift and Raspberry Pi, to build a video game for fun, or to stay up all night for charity game-a-thons or our own 24 Hour Web Project.

We're starting interviews as early as next week, and keeping the position open until we find the right fit. To apply:

  • Fill out the form on this page
  • Email Sara with stories, questions, and/or anything else you think might help us learn about you.

Title: Developer

Purpose: SmallBox developers bring ideas and custom solutions to life. Working in conjunction with designers and strategists, developers implement all aspects of website and software projects.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Building - The developer specializes in bringing ideas to life, using a vast array of tools and experience to solve problems and produce the desired user experience.
  • Research - The developer must often engage in research to uncover the best solution to the problem at hand.
  • Problem Solving - Developers are often required to solve problems during the course of a build, and often engage in the planning phase of our work to act as a technology consultant.
  • Support - Developers collaborate with our Client Success Manager to provide quality assurance and fix bugs.

Methods and Skills:

  • Analytical - Developers are very analytical, grasping the details of a problem, and arriving at a solution through thoughtful process.
  • Detail-oriented - A developer must see and understand the details of a project, diving into the minutiae of coding and limiting errors in order to arrive at solutions for clients.
  • Knowledgeable - A developer must have mastery of many different tools and techniques including various coding languages, web development tools and research methods.
  • Collaborative - Developers at SmallBox collaborate on planning and scoping projects, and for some projects, may be called upon to co-develop a project.

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