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June 17, 2014

Hiring: Marketing Strategist

June 17, 2014

Dear future Marketing Strategist: You have brilliant ideas, and we have opportunities for you to put them to use.

People tell you that you connect the dots. You're an insight machine, the sort of person who asks good questions and see things others don't. You're the rare breed who gets the big picture and the details too.

You're equally adept at planning content strategy, writing a blog post, or facilitating a big client meeting. The latest marketing trends and gadgets fascinate you. You're an early adopter of new platforms and technology. You have an online presence to back it up.

We can't wait to meet you.

To apply, please fill out our new hire interest form. Questions? Email Sara.

Title: Marketing Strategist (MS)

Purpose: The Marketing Strategist is responsible for leading and producing great work for our clients, and keeping SmallBox on the cutting edge of marketing tools and trends.  

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Strategy & Research - The MS develops customized, industry-leading strategies using research and collaborative creative processes. The MS leads discovery and research projects, including brand assessment, audience & competitive analysis and other methods of market research. This role will also have ownership over client strategies and goals.
  • Subject Matter Expert - The MS has a wide knowledge of marketing, and is a subject matter expert on content strategy, production and promotion across multiple channels. The MS networks with other marketers, and engages with writing and speaking opportunities.
  • Facilitation - The MS leads and supports creative sessions with our team and clients including deliverable presentations, collaborative exercises, strategy sessions and monthly reporting.
  • Production - Lead and contribute to the execution of client deliverables including campaign planning, site mapping and wireframe development, messaging and content creation and advertising management.
  • Client Communication -  The MS is responsible for project management and all client project reporting, including data segmentation and report design. The MS has a robust understanding of Google Analytics and the ability to use data to give clients actionable insights.

Methods and Skills

The MS manages all aspects of client projects, but also uses foresight and vision to think and act strategically in the interest of SmallBox and its clients. An exceptional MS will display the following strengths and skills:

  • Organized - An effective MS must be extremely organized, both around tasks and communication, and has the capacity to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strategic - The MS is a big picture thinker, capable of seeing the entirety of a current project while striving to innovate and find creative solutions.
  • Inquisitive - The MS seeks first to understand clients in order to uncover potential and drive the problem solving process. This requires a curious nature, and a willingness to learn.
  • Creative - The MS is a generator of valuable ideas and solutions for clients. This requires a good balance of iterative thinking and analytical focus to arrive at the best solution.
  • Knowledgeable - The MS must have mastery of many different tools and techniques including various design software, web development tools, research methods, marketing software, and advertising platforms.
  • Expressive - The MS must be an effective communicator, documenting and presenting ideas and solutions to teammates and clients.

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