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October 16, 2012

Hiring: Office Manager

October 16, 2012

Our current office manager, Elizabeth Heil, is transitioning to our growing marketing team as a project manager (Congrats, Elizabeth!). Which means, we're on the hunt for our next office manager! Could it be you? Interested candidates can email Sara.

SmallBox Office Manager: a job description

The Office Manager (OM) serves as a hub for office and company-wide activity, managing many of the internal processes and systems for SmallBox. The OM is the ultimate team player, keeping the organization running smoothly and assisting each of the teams. A good set of jazz hands are a must.

Roles and Responsibilities

Accounting: working in Quickbooks to send invoices, enter payments, pay bills and run payroll. Responsible for monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts and credit cards. Manage filing system.
HR: work to on ramp new employees, off ramp “graduates”. Own SmallBox employee guidebook.
Systems and Processes: own all internal process documents including ones covering tasks listed here as well as project management processes.
New Business: field new business calls and emails, vet potential clients, forward internally as needed.
Scheduling: maintain conference room scheduling and provide other scheduling assistance as needed.
Office Maintenance/Supplies: ensure that office is kept clean (we have a cleaning person that comes in on the weekend) and that supplies are kept up- printer, water, coffee, etc.
Institutions: oversee or assist in supporting various SmallBox institutions including birthday celebrations, company offsites, Monday lunches, new client kick off lunches and other institutions.
Project Management: manage internal company projects as needed using Basecamp.

Methods and Skills

The OM manages the day to day systems and processes of the entire organization, attending to the details of the office and company, but also using foresight and vision to think and act strategically in the interest of SmallBox and its clients. The OM maintains crucial relationships within the organization and also helps to build strong relationships with clients and partners. An exceptional OM will display the following strengths and skills:

  • Organized - An effective OM must be extremely organized, both around tasks and company-wide efforts.

  • Detail-oriented - The OM must be focused on the details involved in managing the company, such as finances, personnel and external communications.

  • Adaptable - The OM must be highly flexible, able to react to the needs of employees and clients and adjust strategies and tactics as circumstances dictate.

  • Strategic - An OM must be able to see the big picture for the company and for projects.

Please note: interested candidates should respond by this Friday, October 19! Thank you!


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