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January 10, 2013

Hiring: Search Manager

January 10, 2013

The SmallBox marketing team is looking to go big in 2013. That means we're on the hunt for a master of search and analytics! Could it be you? Interested candidates can email Sara. Disclaimer: candidates need not have experience with all skills within the below description. This is merely a guide to what's expected of this role in the future.

SmallBox Search Manager: a job description

The Search Manager (SM) serves as a central strategist and also producer for every SmallBox marketing project. The SM will reside in Team Grow, our 8 person group of gentle-folk that focus on planning, producing and promoting big ongoing marketing opportunities for SmallBox clients. The interview process will include beating each team member in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (not really!).

Roles and Responsibilities:

Strategy & Vision: developing customized, industry leading search engine marketing strategies using both organic and paid channels. Responsible for discovery including keyword, audience and competitive research as well. This role will also "own" the vision for search engine optimization (SEO) as a service and be responsible for the future of search marketing as it relates to SmallBox and clients.

Production: copywriting and website tagging on multiple platforms, an understanding of HTML (PHP is a plus!), Google Adwords campaign building and management. Responsible for all advertising including Google, Facebook, etc..

Reporting / Data: a robust understanding of Google Analytics and the ability to use data to give clients actionable reports. Responsible for all client monthly and project reporting, including report design in excel, word and adobe platforms.

Thought Leadership: establishing him or herself as a local expert on search with thought leading content production and promotion. Also includes building relationships with key local personalities and potentially speaking engagements.

Project Management: effectively manage individual aspects of each project and also entire projects where necessary.

Methods and Skills:

The SM manages all aspects of search engine marketing, but also uses foresight and vision to think and act strategically in the interest of SmallBox and its clients.  An exceptional SM will display the following strengths and skills:

  • Organized – An effective SM must be extremely organized, both around tasks and communication.
  • Detail-oriented – The SM must be focused on the details involved in building and executing client strategies and also internal / external communications.
  • Design - The SM must have an eye for design and be able to visually display data in reports and client deliverables.
  • Adaptable – The SM must be future thinking and adjust strategies and tactics as circumstances dictate.
  • Strategic – An SM must be able to see the big picture for clients and internal projects.

Please note: interested candidates should respond by February 1st! Thank you!

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