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February 23, 2012

Indiana by SXSW & Idea Realization

February 23, 2012

Yesterday Smallbox (development/hosting), KA+A (design/frontend) and Verge (promotion) launched a joint project called Indiana by SXSW. This web directory aims to help connect Hoosiers heading south for the ultra conference experience.

SXSW site doodle

SmallBox has spent a considerable amount of energy working on making ideas happen. Here are a few thoughts on what we've done to be able to move from idea to action.

There are ideas, then there are commands. Some ideas, like this SXSW project are only useful if implemented right away. Some things might be nice or fun, but they don't make sense for business or team growth. Filtering out what is worth pursuing becomes easier as your culture matures and your organization has clearly defined what's important to you.

Create Habits
We're finding we're more adept at realizing projects after placing an emphasis on it through projects like 24 Hour Web Project and Factory Week. Our Think Kit 30 day blogging project went from idea to action in 3 days. With each successful project, we gain confidence, collaboration skills and processes that help make the next big thing happen.

We have an awesome team (I'm biased, I know) and love working together, but we get recharged with extra inspiration by working with other teams too. It's easy to work as an island. The benefit of shared strengths and time more than outweighs the learning curve it takes to mesh with a new team. And in the case of this SXSW directory? We had the idea and some time to do the development, but couldn't have done it all without KA+A and Verge on board.

You going? Maybe we'll get inspired together in Austin!
Nine SmallBoxers are Austin-bound and we're super excited to represent Indiana. We hope you'll list yourself if you're planning to attend. Contact us with questions, inquiries or follow on twitter to stay in touch. See you at SXSW!

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