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August 26, 2010

Local Indianapolis SEO Case Study

August 26, 2010

In May of 2010, Small Box was approached by IndyLift, Inc. for help improving search engine ranking and overall visibility for the IndyLift website.  The following is a summary of the IndyLift Case Study which outlines our process and the results achieved.

IndyLift, Inc. is a local Indianapolis forklift dealer, providing material handling equipment, parts, repairs and services.  As seasoned and established experts in the material handling industry, IndyLift focuses on offering personal, high quality service and care.

However, before coming to Small Box, the IndyLift website did not incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and as a result suffered from poor search engine visibility and only ranked moderately for a small number of keywords.

After a consultation with IndyLift, we were able to identify two goals for the IndyLift website;

  1. Increase organic search visibility

  2. Increase local maps visibility.

After determining these goals, we then embarked on a 5-phase strategy to meet those goals;

  1. Keyword research

  2. SEO Audit

  3. On-site optimization

  4. Off-site optimization

  5. Local listing optimization

A few weeks after completing the implementation of our SEO strategy, IndyLift began to see substantial improvement in both organic search rankings and local map inserts.  IndyLift now holds the top position in the Google map insert for 'indianapolis forklifts' and two of the top three organic positions.  Anyone searching for forklifts in Indianapolis will find IndyLift quite hard to miss.

IndyLift, Inc. Rankings



To learn more about our process and results for IndyLift, Inc., download the full IndyLift Case Study.


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