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January 27, 2012

Indianapolis According to SmallBox

January 27, 2012

Indianapolis Super Bowl

It’s finally here! After years of planning and preparing for one of the world’s largest sporting events, Indianapolis is finally starting to get cozy with football fans from all corners of the globe for Super Bowl 46. Between the celebrities and media in town, all of the events throughout the week, and the actual game itself, there’s plenty to see and do for the next week.

This is Indianapolis’ first time hosting the Super Bowl, and although the city’s never hosted this event, some people believe it’s set up to be the best host city ever!

If you’re from out of town, and want to take in all of what Indy has to offer, SmallBox is here to help! We like to think we collectively have our finger on the pulse of the city and what makes it special.

Whether you’re looking to head to the big events throughout the week, or would like to get away to the places that make Indy unique and awesome, check out our list of places you should check out!

Here’s where some of us at SmallBox think you should be headed during Super Bowl week:

Some of Indy’s Best Grub Spots and Watering Holes

Elizabeth - When visiting any city, I think one of the best things to do is check out local restaurants - not those crazy chain restaurants that you can eat at when you are basically anywhere - but the local restaurants that bring a unique flavor and personality to a city. Indianapolis has some fantastic local restaurants, some of my favorites being in Broad Ripple. This is a super short list of some of my faves, and thankfully Indy has plenty of tasty local food spots to feed you during your visit. Happy eating!

Jon - Yats is a good cajun place to eat, and Brugge makes some of the best beer in the world.

LeighBrugge Brasserie and Mama Carolla’s Italian cuisine in Broad Ripple

Sara - If you like dive bars, you must venture to South Broad Ripple, or SoBro as the locals call it, for the Red Key. This legendary Kurt Vonnegut hangout is best experienced well after the sun has gone down. The staff is amazing, so long as you don't break the rules. No swearing, no moving the furniture and gents are expected to give up their seats to ladies if the bar fills up. With model airplanes dangling from the ceiling and Patsy Cline on the jukebox, the Red Key offers a welcome step back in time, plus they make a mean manhattan. Two more things: bring cash and beware that smoking is allowed.

Leigh - The Sinking Ship on North College Ave and The Wellington in Broad Ripple are great bars

Neil – Fountain Square in general is a great - especially with it's close proximity to the downtown area and Lucas Oil Stadium. Lots of great restaurants and drinks and a bevy of arts & culture hotspots:

What is there to do around here?

Neil - One great part of the timing of the Super Bowl will be that the big weekend falls on First Friday.  So I would have to say that for those interested in the arts community that venturing to Fountain Square and some other downtown art spaces would be an awesome way for visitors to spend their Friday nights - it is also a great way for Indianapolis to flex our collective creative muscle.

Jon - Excellent record shops:

And I can often be found at Half Price Books on 86th Street. It can be a treasure trove - mainly for vinyl, sometimes for books.

Leigh - I like to shop at Silver in the City on Mass Ave, Luna Music and Indy CD & Vinyl. I’ll check out bands at Local's Only (Indie Rock, Blues), Melody Inn (Indie Rock, Metal, Punk), Chatterbox (Jazz), Slippery Noodle (Blues, Rock)

Dan - I love visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art. During the summer the gardens surrounding the building are lush and vibrant and they've recently opened an "Art's and Nature Park" just west of the grounds that is perfect for picnicking.

During the winter, browsing the various museum galleries is a wonderful escape from my every day routine. A recent special gallery has opened dedicated to Native American art and artifacts, which provides an amazing perspective on humanity and how our culture has evolved (or devolved? heyoo...).


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