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August 29, 2012

Is it Factory Week yet?

August 29, 2012

The answer is sadly no. We only get to indulge in the one-week creative think-make-do sabbatical that is Factory Week twice per year. During Factory Week, we focus on internal-only projects that we don't always have time for during the typical work week. We may not be able to re-do our website or build a video game amidst all of our client work, but we know eventually the next Factory Week will offer the perfect time to tackle these things.

While we only have two of these per year, we have begun to feel its impact on the way we work year-round. These are a couple of ways Factory Week has changed how we work:

Blocking Out Time
One of the pleasant by-products I have learned from Factory Week is that blocking out time for priorities is essential. Whether it's scheduling two hours for writing time, or taking a whole off-site, sabbatical day to dig deep on a project, I've found the simple act of adding it to my Google calendar makes it sacred. In the past I'd only used my calendar to schedule out meetings and events, never for important tasks. It's something Jeb had been suggesting I try for a while, but it took seeing how effective this was during Factory Week to begin making this scheduling practice a habit.

Pop-Up Mini Meetings
Another fringe benefit of Factory Week is our team collaborates in new ways. Popup mini-brainstorming sessions have become a regular occurrence. Instead of thinking through problems that need solving alone, we are more likely to rally for 15-30 minute white boarding sessions. Leaning on one another for extra brain power helps projects move more quickly with better results - a huge perk for our clients. Factory Week helped shatter two conventions: that meetings must be planned way in advance and take up a full hour.

The next Factory Week will take place in January or February (date announced soon!). Until then, we can re-live the last Factory Week with this video:



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