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May 28, 2013

Long Day's Journey into Coffee

May 28, 2013

If you follow SmallBox on any social media outlet, you have probably heard that we have moved and are currently occupying the former Broad Ripple Library - it is a wonderful space with a lot of character and we are happy to call it our new home.

Just look at how happy everyone is:

Jason is really happy.

Jenny is obviously jazz-hands-level happy.

Neil is so happy that he LITERALLY cannot make eye contact.

I am pretty happy too! We have been here less than a week and I have already seen a dramatic shift in my workflow. Gone are the days when I would pace endlessly about our cramped confines in search of a quiet spot to make a phone call, catch up on e-mail or have a quick meeting - I can just head downstairs and get to it.

My only complaint is that if I'm at my desk it takes me 182 steps round-trip for coffee.

This move doesn't just mean SmallBox is getting a bigger office - it's the start of bigger things. You can feel it in the air. Not only are our teams able to work without falling over each other, we are able to scope out our own little zones for projects and work on our internal institutions without distracting the team from client work.

We recently partnered with Indy Parks and Recreation for the first Listen Local Summer Show Series concert in Broad Ripple Park (if you were there then you are awesome and we thank you for it - if not, you should come to the others to ensure your future awesomeness) and it ended up being a little more popular than we thought it would be. While we only had five workdays in the new space before the show, the additional square footage provided space for meetings, a staging area for materiel and a quiet space where those involved could promote promote promote.

Hopefully the freedom our new space provides will enable us to ensure all events are blowouts, and that all client projects are just that much more successful. The extra room makes all of the difference in the world, and I cannot wait to see what our other team members do with it.

Who am I kidding? The whole building will look like this in no time.

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