Meet Our 2015 24HWP Partner

June 29, 2015

As you may know – this year’s 24 Hour Web Project application was a bit different than years past. Previously, the primary project was to build a new website, but this year, we “dropped the web” and decided to change things up by allowing local nonprofits to apply to receive our help with any project.

We were curious – if we could help solve any problem, what would you want our help with?

Applications included projects that ranged from social media campaigns to print booklets, branding campaigns, and yes – even websites. The challenging aspect of the shift was finding something that our entire team could participate in – something that didn’t only require the skills of a select few. At one point, we even tossed out the idea of having two, even three projects running simultaneously, but the team consensus was that it might feel divided and perhaps even unfair to our nonprofit partners.

So while we loved all of the applicants for different reasons and we really, really wanted to work on them all – we narrowed it down and are happy to announce Project Libertas as the 2015 24 Hour Web Project recipient!

Project Libertas is an independent school serving Grades K-8. Their mission is to uncover, recover, and discover the unique gifts and talents that each child brings to school every day.

The school works collaboratively with families, community members, and social service agencies to solve real problems. In fact, each summer they invite parents and the community to a planning session where they discuss and unpack a real-world issue or problem that can be found right here in our own city. The discourse leads to a theme for the year that can then be applied to the classroom setting. For instance - if the theme were “access to resources,” they could use that in a science setting to talk about how animals find resources to live, etc.


Their compelling story and approach to education resonated with our team, and as the School’s Leader Megan Hughes described, the school was “born out of strife” but has become so much more. We’re looking forward to sharing more of their story throughout this project and are particularly excited to collaborate with some cool kiddos.

So what will we be working on? Well, that’s still a little TBD but it’s another reason that Project Libertas rose to the top – they offered us several clear paths we might take, so we saw ample opportunity to engage and help transform.

Stay tuned and check in on the 24 Hour Web Project site for the latest!

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