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June 14, 2012

New Hire: Content Producer Drew DeBoy

June 14, 2012

We're on a roll with new hires! After several months of working with us part-time, Drew DeBoy has joined SmallBox full-time as a Content Producer. He'll be focusing on copywriting and digital pr with a little SEO and social media mixed in.

Drew was born in Kokomo, and has toured Indiana ever since, living in Muncie, Bloomington, and Indianapolis. An English/Creative Writing graduate of Ball State University, he enjoys traveling (45 states and 2 Euro-ventures despite not having flown till age 23), reading modern fiction, bread-making, running without headphones, and playing and collecting music. He's on the tweet train, if you want to give Drew a hearty hello.

Drew Deboy: content producer

What bands do you listen to? Oh no! In lieu of a book; the Rolling Stones are the best rock and roll band, CAN was the most visionary, Yo La Tengo the most important American songwriters of the last 30 years, Michael Rother has the best guitar tone, Alice Coltrane rates higher than John, and Dub Reggae the best windows-down jams possible. Recent obsessions also include: hunting down German experimental music, electric-era Miles Davis, drone-poppers Landing, and completing my Stereolab discography.

Fill in the blank: If I wasn't working on digital PR at SmallBox, I'd probably be ______________. Going back to school for 100 simultaneous degrees and/or playing dive bars across America to really-psyched old dudes.

What is your favorite place in Indianapolis? West-side Ethiopian joint Major Restaurant for eats. Fountain Square Brewery for brews. Victory Field for grass-sittin'. Downtown canal for distance-running.

Favorite site on the interwebs? I still love old-school message boards; lurking and posting. My current haunt is ILM (I Love Music), where everyone thinks they're a music journalist...and some actually are.

What do you do in your spare time? Bake bread, drum drums, pet cats, run miles, plan trips, eat tacos.

Write the first thing that comes to mind when reading each word!

internet: universe
tube socks: 70s basketball
bicycle: I just got one! used!
pitch: nasty inside slider
Broad Ripple: Monon

Anything else you want folks to know about you?

I obsessively keep track of how many miles & minutes I run. And I like it.

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