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October 06, 2015

New Hire: Mark Shreve, Account Executive

October 06, 2015

Mark E. ShreveIf there’s a guy in the office who knows about noods, it’s Mark. Wait, let me start over… The SmallBox crew is pumped to introduce you to Mark Shreve, new account executive and the frequent-est flyer I’ve probably ever met!

Mark came to SmallBox by way of Cuoco Pasta in Denver—which he founded and ran, by the way. He dreamed and talked of such a venture for years, and then at 30, realized it was the perfect time to quit his job, sell his house, and move to Italy to make it happen. He didn’t know it would be noodles at the time, but he spent months cooking in kitchens and learning to make pasta. 

But Mark’s love for Italy started long before those four months of pasta discovery. Before starting Cuoco Pasta, his career in international education allowed him to live several years abroad in Perugia, Italy, as an administrator at the Umbra Institute (where he studied abroad while at Wabash College).

Mark brings to the ‘Box a love of networking, a passion for service (he frequently volunteers at  Wabash and is on the advisory board of Hayden's List, an online resource for LGBT-supportive businesses), and a true penchant for our core value of persistence.

more about Mark:

In his own words...

Any siblings? Two sibs - Emily (a fierce rugby player) is the oldest and Eric is the middle one. That makes me the babe. My brother is a doctor in Iowa City and my sister is an IT admin in Cincinnati. We are loud and hilarious and abrasive to some.

What do you love about Indy? Indy is genuine. The food scene is completely underrated without the long waits of being in Chicago. I can volunteer in Indianapolis, bring people together, and see the impact. And I'm close to family and friends in other Midwestern cities.

Favorite artists? I love folk music - both current folk artists and those whose voices rang from the 60s in America. I also love Motown when I need some energy. I will sheepishly admit I also love some pop (MJ!) because occasionally I’ll like to dance, but will deny it even as I climb onto a nearby stage.
What do you do in your spare time? I host. I entertain fairly often or cook with friends. I specialize, as you may guess, in central Italian cuisine.

Lightning round:

What's the first thing that comes to mind for each word?

business: networking
dance: hammer time
Broad Ripple: Butler Bulldogs
pickle: bloody Mary
train: Italy

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