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October 27, 2014

New Hire: Marketing Strategist Andrew Hosey

October 27, 2014

We're super-excited to announce our newest 'Boxer, Andrew Hosey! Andrew came our way via Ball State, where he most recently served as Assistant Director of the Digital Corps program, a student agency. He also studied film at Ball State, where he worked part-time as an assistant, giving Photoshop and other technical help in the media lab. Upon graduating, he joined Digital Corps full-time in 2008.

Andrew caught our attention for a few reasons, but we loved the wide variety of tech skills he brings to the table, that he was teaching students to use some of the same tools we use in our creative process and that he takes MOOCs for fun.

You can follow Andrew at @athosey

The essential Andrew, in his own words.

What is your favorite marketing tool?
Google Analytics. I love data-driven decisions and analyzing data to understand user behavior. I love digital because it's so easy to track ROI.

What is the last movie you watched?
I just watched Future Days. I'm kind of a super hero comic book geek. I have boxes of comics at home. Spider Man is my favorite. I watched the midnight showing of Spider Man 2 when it came out, then stayed at the theater the entire next day and marathon watched multiple screenings. The Dark Knight is my all time favorite though.

What is your favorite place in Indianapolis?
I love Broad Ripple and SoBro. I worked downtown for a few years and had to deal with parking hassles. I love the walkability of Broad Ripple. I'm pretty excited about all of my new lunch options!

What do you do in your spare time?
Family time for sure. Spare time is all about the kiddos. My wife Bethany and I have a four year old, a seven month old, and a very old, crusty Pomeranian. Now that I'm not commuting to Muncie, I'm not sure what I'll do – maybe I'll find a place to volunteer.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when reading each word?

technology: cool
bicycle: don't have one
headphones: no sharing (that just grosses me out!)
cat videos: don't care
color: blue
Broad Ripple: awesome

Anything else you want folks to know about you?
I'm kind of a ninja. No really, I'm legit a trained, though perhaps retired ninja. I practiced martial arts for several years, and was even the President of the Mixed Martial Arts Club. So, I guess I'll be the new SmallBox bodyguard. That, and the loud guy in the office.

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