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November 21, 2012

New Hire: Office Manager Abby Schoonveld

November 21, 2012

Please help us welcome the latest addition to team SmallBox - our new office manager Abby Schoonveld! Abby comes to us with the perfect mix of experience - from television production to a long term gig as an office manager with a creative agency.

She earned bonus points in the interview process for saying if she started a blog one day it would be about sharing random business ideas she had but couldn't act on, so other people can run with them. How cool is that? Without further ado, meet Abby!

The story of Abby, in her own words:
I was born and raised in the small town of Morocco, Indiana, a town no one has ever heard of unless of course, you’ve seen the sign on interstate 65. I survived years of high school by joining every club possible then headed to the big city of West Lafayette, Indiana to study at Purdue.  After college I made a few moves around Indiana before settling in Denver and eventually found my way to Indianapolis and have called Broad Ripple home ever since. I absolutely love it here. I found my love of baking, dog walking, indie movie watching, bike riding, and my newest addiction, boxing (completely for exercise sake) while creating a life I love living in Indianapolis.

New hire: Office Manager Abby Schoonveld


What bands do you listen to?
I am currently loving the new Why? album but I also find Hot Chip, Portugal. The Man, and Spoon popping up for frequent rotation.

Fill in the blank: If I wasn’t working as an office manager at SmallBox, I’d probably be ______________.
Trying to figure out how to pay my mortgage and dreaming big!

What is your favorite place in Indianapolis?
My bed?! My friends and I seem to end up at Union Jack quite often and their deep dish pizza is worth the wait.

Favorite site on the interwebs?
I check the to-dos at AVClub and Gawker.

What do you do in your spare time?
I always try to find the right balance of spending time with my dog and with my friends both of whom I love very much and never want to neglect.

Write the first thing that comes to mind when reading each word!

Internet: Gmail
Ideas: Bright
Bicycle: Beard
Sandwich: Mayo
Broad Ripple: Avenue

Anything else you want folks to know about you?

I actively volunteer, support, adore the Indy Film Fest and the people who make it happen each year (and you should too!).

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