New Launch: CEDIA

July 31, 2012

CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, is the leading global authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. With a wealth of high-tech knowledge and a global network of members serving a wide variety of clients, CEDIA needed a more consumer-friendly website and an easy-to-update content management system. Here's a peek into some of the highlights and process that went into the recent launch of cedia.org.

One highlight of CEDIA's new website is a custom-built module that powers an easy-to-manage and easy-to-use inspiration gallery. The gallery helps consumers envision what's possible by showcasing completed home theater projects, which can be sorted by room, style, budget and more.

CEDIA inspiration gallery

One aspect of SmallBox design and development projects that you don't always explicitly see is the planning, research and user testing that happens before a website goes live.

In order to engage CEDIA's entire team and be mindful of global considerations in our design decisions, our team conducted research and phone interviews with stakeholders from around the world – from New Zealand to the UK, China, and South America.

User testing began with a card sorting exercise (See Lydia's previous post on quick and dirty card sorting) to determine the most logical site organization. We also developed interactive wireframes and a 10-question survey to solicit user feedback. These wireframes allowed users to click through a simplified version of the site and provide feedback on how or why they clicked on certain areas as they performed tasks. Their responses helped us determine a number of things, including whether the navigation we had established was clear and straightforward, as well as how important specific pieces of information were to users. Here's an example of one of the results from our user tests:

CEDIA user testing

Overall, this project benefited from the upfront user research and testing by helping us gain feedback from users on what made the most sense to them. Some of our assumptions were swiftly corrected by the results we saw in our user tests and allowed us to make more accurate decisions from the get-go, which ultimately saved us time and money down the road. To see the full results of our hard work, check out the new CEDIA site!


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