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February 01, 2014

New Launch: CEDIA.net

February 01, 2014

“I see your team as part of my team.”

These words from our project partner at the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) concisely describe our partnership, and it's hard to think of anything more complimentary that a client can say.

Over the past three years, we have worked with CEDIA to launch the CEDIA.org website, plan and execute content marketing across multiple channels, refresh the CEDIA training brand experience for their digital space, and just last month we launched CEDIA.net. Needless to say, we greatly value CEDIA’s trust and partnership.

While CEDIA.org, launched two years ago, is a site intended for a public consumer audience, the new CEDIA.net is its counterpart for the thousands of CEDIA members around the world. CEDIA.net is more than just a digital marketing website. It is a portal for members to manage their information, purchase materials and training courses, and gain insights from other industry professionals and thought leaders. It is truly an industry hub.

The planning for both CEDIA sites began nearly three years ago, when the CEDIA and SmallBox team decided to address two very different audiences with two similar, but distinct websites. In order to craft a meaningful digital experience for each audience, we needed to separate them for ease of use and access to information and insights.

These three words – similar but distinct – presented the most exciting opportunity of the whole project for our planners and designers. Having built the CEDIA.org site more than a year earlier, and working strategically with CEDIA to plan, produce and promote great content on CEDIA.org, ensured that we had ample knowledge of our partner’s goals and needs. We relished the chance to iterate on such a familiar brand and expand on that brand experience with the CEDIA.net site, and what we built was an experience that was similar to but distinct from CEDIA.org.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in the process was the incorporation of Aptify, a very robust CRM and LMS built on the .NET framework. SmallBox develops on the LAMP framework, so this project gave us the opportunity to partner with Code Samurai, who specializes in .NET. Our designers planned and envisioned the entire site, and our team worked closely with our trusted partner at Code Samurai, as well as the CEDIA and Aptify teams, to help put it all together on the Sitefinity CMS.

It was an enormous juggling act, managed primarily by the talented and dedicated CEDIA marketing team, and we are happy to have been a part of it!

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