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September 13, 2012

New Launch: Indiana Canine Assistance Network

September 13, 2012

We just wrapped up our annual 24 Hour Web Project, one of our favorite cultural institutions in which we donate a new website and marketing package to a local nonprofit. This year our beneficiary was Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN), an organization that trains and places services dogs to help people live more independently.

In just 24 hours, we launched a new website, coded up a new email template and wrote a six month marketing strategy. Meanwhile, Lodge Design joined us to film and edit a video to feature on ICAN's new site. Without further ado, I give you the before and after for ICAN's new site:

ICAN has a great story to tell, and their website just wasn't working for them to tell it. The site was built on Joomla, which the ICAN team found difficult to use even for basic updates.

ICAN's website before 24 Hour Web Project with SmallBox

We gave ICAN a clean, modern look and plenty of new avenues for storytelling. We added a blog and custom modules for sharing the stories of their team, trainers and the ICAN dogs. Their site is built on Boxer, our custom content management system.

ICAN's site after 24 Hour Web Project

Click here to see the site in all its glory.


Why do we do this crazy thing? Aside from how great it feels to give to our community, we get an unbeatable team-building experience. We have to really stretch to complete a project that would normally take place over approximately 8 weeks.

Highlights of the project included:

  • The giant round of applause when we unveiled the home page design to the client. It was Neil's first time as lead designer during 24 Hour Web Project and he really nailed it!

  • PUPPY CAM! We were joined by the very newest ICAN pups, 8-week old Teddy and Olympia. We did in fact set up a puppy cam for the duration of the project. Puppies are amazing at alleviating stress. We determined we might need puppy visitations at all future projects.

  • Snack delivery. Not only did an ICAN board member cook us a homemade dinner, another delivered Dilly Bars and Kasey's wife brought in tacos. Yum.

  • Serenades a la MFT. Jon Rogers from Musical Family Tree rounded up some sweet musical entertainment for us. So awesome.

We had a blast working with ICAN and Lodge on the project this year. Between the matching donation from our attorney Brian Powers, to the tweet rally cries from our many friends, we were really feeling the love and support. Thanks, friends, for cheering us on.

See the archives from the project here, or to learn more about how and why the project started, read up on Drew's interview of Lydia for Startup Spectator.

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