New Launch: Pension Fund

July 31, 2012

We're pleased to announce the launch of Pension Fund of the Christian Church's new website! Have a look at the new site:

Pension Fund

A New Technique! For this website, we created some of our typical deliverables – a creative brief, a messaging guide – but we also tried something new. Leigh used a technique during the design phase called "style tiles."

These fall somewhere between mood boards and full site design comps. Style tiles are more robust and focused than a mood board, but much faster to complete than a full design comp. A style tile, simply put "illustrates how a designer translates a stakeholder’s brand to the web." You can learn more about this design deliverable here.

Why use Style Tiles? For this project, we had a strict timeline to meet. If we had created the full design comp, then moved through revisions on the site instead of the style tile, we would have needed much more time. The tiles provide a very good representation of how the eventual design will feel.

Below is the series of tiles, which provide a peek into the revision process. The first style tile was focused on a bright, spring-like color palette, with a heavy focus on greens (financial) and patterns (like a check).

Pension Fund Style Tile

The second was more focused on an organic look with warmer colors, textures and hand-drawn elements.

Pension Fund Style Tile 2

The client chose the second option with some minor tweaks. We added a secondary set of colors to the color palette to help them better integrate their print materials with the new site design. We also adopted the icons from the first concept, with adjustments to reflect the warmer palette. Finally, we revised the button style to incorporate more of the organic feel of the overall style.

Pension Fund Final Style Tile

Check out the new Pension Fund site!

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